Enamel Lapel Pins

Enamel Lapel Pins

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Custom Soft Enamel Lapel Pins are a sort of lapel pin that is manufactured by stamping the design onto a metal base and then filling it with enamel colors. The enamel is lifted slightly above the metal lines, giving the pin a textured, three-dimensional appearance. Soft enamel pins are often used for promotional goods, corporate branding, and as collections because to their low cost and adaptability.

A hard enamel pin, on the other hand, is created by layering enamel colors onto a metal foundation, which is then polished until it is smooth and level with the metal lines. As a consequence, the pin has a smooth, glossy surface that lends it a high-quality, jewelry-like look. Hard enamel pins are more robust and long-lasting than soft enamel pins, and they are frequently used for high-end items, collectibles, and to highlight elaborate patterns or fine details.

The fundamental distinction between soft and hard enamel pins is how the enamel is applied to the metal base. Hard enamel pins have a smooth, polished surface, and soft enamel pins have a rough, raised surface. The decision between the two types of pins is determined by the intended appearance and function of the pin. Soft enamel pins are less expensive and ideal for basic patterns or huge quantities, but hard enamel pins are more durable and provide a more upscale appearance to complicated designs.

Because of their ability to display delicate features and vibrant hues, soft enamel pins are a popular choice for bespoke designs. They are frequently used for business branding, promotional goods, and collections, and are an excellent way to customize any outfit or accessory. A unique soft enamel pin is an excellent choice for a colorful and whimsical pin to put on your bag or jacket, or a sleek and professional pin to promote your business or organization.

Material : Iron,  Zinc Alloy, Brass, Copper
Printing : Stamping, Engraved, Silk Screen Printing, Laser engraving
Size : Custom size
Design : 2D, 3D, Embossed
Shape : Customized

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